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SineQra is one of the market's leading total suppliers of IT as a service. Our services show you the way to an easier IT working day and control over IT costs. Flexibility and our support are things our customers appreciate.

We offer complete IT solutions, based on a subscription model, private or public as well as hybrid solutions, where we take responsibility for all parts of the delivery. All services are tried and tested, with high accessibility and security.

Welcome to SineQra: a more personal alternative


SineQra Security® – How does your company deal with backup, storage and security services? We offer cost-effective options for keeping your information secure.


SineQra Collaboration® is our solution for collaboration, information and document management. We believe that SineQra Collaboration® rapidly will become the hub for all your information.

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Email and calendar

SineQra Mail® is the cost-effective solution for email, calendar and contact management for you in the small businesses.

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